Entries from June 2011

Haitian Reggae Gospel

Date June 16, 2011

It was early morning, just before breakfast. I had been up since 6 am, wandering around, and helping our host, Charadieu, carry water in 5 gallon buckets back to our hut. When Thomas and Jagat started jamming with another local, I walked over with my camera to catch the moment, not expecting all that would […]


Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Date June 7, 2011

During my trip to Haiti in May, in which I visited different spots in Port-au-Prince and the country side of the Central Plateau, I thought a lot about the help that the country needed.┬áThe problems there are overwhelming: poverty, lack of clean water, poor education and social services, corrupt government, unfavorable US business practices. Where […]