Shayne Hughes

LaL’s CEO Shayne Hughes and Executive Coach LeeAnn Mallorie traveled to Haiti to meet with the community leaders of Savenette-Cabrale and the founder of the Compassion School. Participants in LaL’s March 2011 Personal Mastery seminar generously donated over $7300 to provide training, school supplies and clean water to this all volunteer school serving Haiti’s poorest children. The world needs us all to be acting to help others in accordance with our Noble Goals.

The tent camp just across from the destroyed Presidential Palace. The upcoming Presidential Inauguration will occur here and security officials are wondering what to do with the squatters.


Annabelle tells us her story. Jagat, in red, translates. Lorin is to his left.


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    Very clear and tactful. Thanks for sharing.

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    big like! – thanks .

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    Bookmarked, I really like your blog! :)

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